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New Order ‘Chosen Time’ – Classic Indie-Dance

New Order - Movement

New Order ‘Chosen Time’ – Classic Indie-Dance

Electronic Music, Tracks

April 11th

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Electronic Music, Tracks

“Ever get that feeling there are certain records you know you should know, but dont! The sort of record where some know it all says; remember that killer New Order track ‘Chosen Time’ and then you respond with a fraudulent nod…”

Listen: New Order ‘Chosen Time’ [Movement]

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New Order ‘Chosen Time’ is taken from the bands landmark 1981 LP ‘Movement’. A classic record that essentially laid the foundations for what is now considered Indie-Dance or Guitars meets Drum Machine. Think Phoenix, Friendly Fires, Foals and the like.

Clocking in at a rapid 160bpm ‘Chosen Time’ is off the blocks with all the urgency of an Olympic sprinter. A pulsing 4/4 beat and an equally energetic bass-line are unrelenting in their charge for the finish line. Whilst there are some vocals they’re essentially window dressing in what is otherwise a breathless dance floor stomper.

So now you know, no more vacant nodding or google searching. Well until the next time…


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