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Where can I easily find a ton of new music, underground tracks, playlists and mixtapes? EASY scroll down and click one of our genre specific image links…

That said how do we find new music that we can write about and DJ with? The honest answer is – with much crate digging effort. Back in the day you could depend on your local record store, your favourite magazine or perhaps John Peel on Radio 1. However the digital revolution has meant that your options are more bewildering than choosing a TV channel, holiday destination, or even where to have a Flat White. If you even know what a Flat White is… A question for a different blog. Anyway, we digress, so whats the solution?

New Music Magazine - Dance Music

Well in theory the solution is hopefully a Magazine like ‘Blah Blah Blah’. Us, like many of our peers, ‘Pitchfork‘, ‘The Line of Best Fit‘, ‘Consequence of Sound‘,  ‘Fact Mag‘, ‘Resident Advisor‘, the list is endless, aim to discover and share the latest and greatest Deep House, Bass House, House Music, Techno, Rave Music, Tech House, Electronica and so on. However like these, our opinions are our own, so really it comes down to what dance music you’re looking for. Yes online magazines such as Pitchfork can greatly influence public opinion on what is good and what is not, but ultimately it comes down to wether you like the tracks or not. That said, some minds are more progressive than others, take the legend that is John Peel who broke countless bands, bands that defied the natural order of what was popular. In todays money that would be an RA or NTS Radio for example. And it’s this x-factor that someone like ourselves is striving to emulate. Whether we manage or not is open for debate, but one thing we can guarantee, is that if we’ve talked about it, then we’re listening to it and playing it.

Below you’ll find 10 images, that with one simple click will whisk you away to our most recent discoveries & recommendations, for that particular genre. However it’s worth noting that these categories are intentionally broad, otherwise there would be 1000’s of images to wade through. Happy digging…


Find New Music – Electronic Music


So, thats it. Hopefully Blah Blah Blah Music Magazine has gone someway to meeting your underground music needs. Admittedly with a sole author, me, it’s unlikely that we’ve got everything covered. So be sure to create your own portfolio of music discovery resources. And if you’ve got the time, or the inclination, we’d love to hear your music discovery recommendations. Moreover let us know what records you think we should be covering…no PR spam please. And if you’re a budding music journalist in waiting, get in touch [Click Here], we’re always on the look out for talented new writers.


by | Mar 19, 2018

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