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DJ Seinfeld ‘Belvedere’ – Crushingly infectious…

DJ Seinfeld 'Belvedere' - Sakura EP

DJ Seinfeld ‘Belvedere’ – Crushingly infectious…

Electronic Music, Tracks

April 16th

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Electronic Music, Tracks

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“Drums Please. DJ Seinfeld ‘Belvedere’ draws upon the more rave influenced tracks from his recently released LP ‘Time Spent Away From You’. Only here there are less frills and more thump. Like all Seinfeld releases energy is high, fidelity intentionally low. “…

DJ Seinfeld ‘Belvedere’ [Sakura EP]

DJ Seinfeld is a prolific as he is rewarding. Releasing in the region of 13 records in the past 2 years, via his various aliases. A level of output that would, more often than not, result in diminishing returns. Yet to date that has not been the case. Why? Perhaps because he is yet to write that, expectation crushing, cross-over hit. Or because he’s destined to be the next big thing. Who knows! Either way his latest record ‘Sakura EP’ and in particular ‘Belvedere’ is another emphatic shout for attention.

A shout for attention that may not have Greg James eulogising its significance, but should those who like their House Music crushing, infectious and quietly euphoric. Slamming kicks, infectiously rhythmic snares and a middle eastern inspired hook effortlessly make ‘Belvedere’ a stripped back dance-floor power house.

Looking forward to spinning this one..

Listen: DJ Seinfeld – Sakura EP

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