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Skee Mask – Compro [Ilian Tape] Breakbeat nirvana

Skee Mask – Compro [Ilian Tape] Breakbeat nirvana

Albums, Electronic Music

May 20th

by | May 20, 2018 | Albums, Electronic Music

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“Over the years we’ve featured music by Burial, Four Tet, Boards of Canada, Jon Hopkins, Aphex Twin, Thom Yorke, Mount Kimbie, Flume & the like. A collective that push the boundaries of waveform manipulation. Artists, including yesterdays discovery FF1, that straddle the boundaries of song v’s track. Skee Mask – Compro represents another equally explorative artist”…

Skee Mask – Compro [Ilian Tape] Apple Music

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Yesterday we featured – FFT ‘fft1’ a record that we described as a rare ‘Wonderland‘ amongst the often vast wasteland of genre variations that make up the broad classification – Electronic Music. Skee Mask – Compro, like fft1, is inventive, imaginative and thoroughly engaging, if perhaps a little less dancefloor focused – despite the breakbeats.

Often with these sorts of records the words cinematic and other worldly spring to mind. Perhaps due to a limited vocabulary, but ultimately because you could hear this music backing some sort of epic sci-fi adventure. A box a fellow electronic music architect ticked with the critically acclaimed movie ‘Monsters’ – Jon Hopkins.

From start to finish Skee Mask’s second LP is as vast and intimately engaging as an approaching, yet distant, mountainous horizon. The sort you would find at the end of a deserted US highway that tapers to a distant point. And like that far off vista ‘Skee Mask – Compro’ is every bit as visceral and memorable. Cascading atmospherics, breathless breaks and an emotive depth that makes it worth every beat of its 1hr 4minute journey time. Highly recommended.

Out Now via Ilian Tape: Vinyl & Digital.

Skee Mask – Compro [Ilian Tape] Spotify

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