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Ultimate Guide: Music Playlist

Music Playlist - Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Guide: Music Playlist

Spotify Playlist & YouTube Music Playlists - Ultimate Guide

The music playlist, in particular the Spotify playlist or YouTube Music playlist is now the most significant method of discovering new music, and if you are a DJ, band or solo artist playlist representation is crucial to advancing your career. Therefore if you’re an artist use this guide to help hone your playlisting skills, and if you are a listener scroll down and find some great new music.


In this Article

  1. Best Spotify Playlists – Underground Music / Study Music / Chillout Music / Beach Music
  2. More playlists
  3. How to get on a Spotify playlist & YouTube music playlist

Best Spotify Playlists


Best Dance Anthems Ever

Essentially a playlist of all the best dance songs ever written from the 90’s to present day. This playlist is hugely popular, so if you need a playlist that bangs look no further.

Best New Dance Music Releases – Cratedigging

Best New Dance Music Releases – cratedigging collects the best dance songs of the underground electronic music persuasion – House Music, Deep House, Techno, Rave, Tech-House, minimal and more. When we say crate digging or underground we mean tracks that are less likely to appear in the UK or US Top 40. Therefore if you love finding new music then this Best New Dance Music Releases playlist is for you. It is updated weekly and includes all our latest electronic music finds. So many great records.

Study Music

A Study Music Playlist is a tricky playlist to curate. It needs to be background music yet interesting enough that you remain motivated. Oftentimes a music to work to playlist is randomly distracting or just plain dull. This is neither and a good example of what we alluded to earlier – be consistent when curating a great playlist.

Chillout Music

Who doesn’t need a chill music playlist. This is ours, downtempo, instrumental, ambient and of course chilled.

Beach Music – Ibiza Sunset Grooves

Our beach music playlist is hopefully illustrating what we preached early – underground, consistent and carefully curated. This is essentially beach music for when the sun is setting. We have carefully combined deep house, house music, lo-fi house and jazz inflected beats to create the perfect backdrop for a late summer’s evening.

More Playlists

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Best Dance Songs 2009
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House Music
Blah Blah Blah Records – House, Techno, Electronica
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Top 25 Most Played Christmas Songs Ever

How to get on a Spotify Playlist / YouTube Music Playlist

To get on a Spotify playlist or YouTube music playlist requires research, determination and time. Unfortunately despite all the various suggestions and offers you’ll encounter when researching this topic don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy. That said, don’t be discouraged it’s not impossible either. To give you hope our 16th release on ‘Blah Blah Blah Records’ was featured on Biceps ‘Feel My Bicep‘ playlist.

Ultimately there are 4 tried and tested methods that are proven, reliable and trustworthy.

  1. Submit Hub

    Submit Hub created by the owner of ‘Indie Shuffle’ is a music platform that enables you to submit your music directly to Bloggers, Labels, Spotify Playlisters, YouTubers, Radio Stations and Influencers. It’s a paid for service and naturally the bigger the budget the bigger your potential success. However with some well defined research and realistic expectations you can find your music niche and have success without breaking the bank. It’s a great platform and well worth exploring if you are an independent musician.

  2. Networking

    Networking is the oldest trick in the book and ultimately it’s not a trick if you want to be successful at it.

    Effective networking in the music industry is one of the most important skills you need to learn as an aspiring artist. However many people don’t want to do it as it requires significant time and effort – if that’s you then think of it this way. Why should anyone give you something, in this case a music playlist spot, if you’ve invested no time in getting to know them or showing interest in what they are doing! For example no one likes that phone call from a long forgotten friend who suddenly needs something.

    Support others, enjoy getting to know new people and you’ll find doors will naturally open for you.

  3. Spotify for Artists

    Spotify for Artists is a platform created by Spotify for artists, musicians and DJs. First step is to release music on Spotify. If you have already achieved this then you can claim your artist profile via this link: Claim artist profile. Once you’ve done this and Spotify has verified your claim you are able to submit future releases prior to release for editorial Spotify consideration. It’s recommended you do this at least 6 weeks before the set release date. Also it is worth noting that there are two types of Spotify playlist. Editorial – playlists made by the Spotify editorial team based on music trends and data, and Algorithmic – playlists created for a listener based on their taste using crowdsourcing and data.

  4. Make a playlist on Spotify or YouTube

    Make your own playlists, it’s that simple. Whilst using all the methods we have discussed above also start curating your own playlists. It’s a great way to network and support fellow artists, musicians & DJs. And if you get it right you may even end up with 1000’s of Spotify playlist followers, even 10’s of 1000’s. However there are a few things to consider.

    Firstly think what people might search, for example don’t call it ‘My favourite Music’, second look at successful playlists and benchmark key words and artwork they use, third be consistent with your music choices, four share your playlist far and wide – socials, friends, reddit etc and five be patient, tweak and perfect. Check our guide ‘How to make a playlist on YouTube

Conclusion: Music Playlist

The music playlist is not something a DJ, producer, musician or listener can ignore. If you’re an ambitious artist it presents one of the best ways to grow your fan base and share your music. Getting on a key Spotify playlist can most certainly help kick start a career, because us listeners, now more than ever, discover our music through playlists. However to get on these takes time, commitment, determination and of course great music. There are no shortcuts and if you’re trying to find shortcuts you’re most likely end up disappointed.

So if you’re an artist take note of the tips we’ve shared and if you a listener check the playlist recommendations above and discover some great new music.

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