Artist – Let The Machines Do The Work
Title – One Love / Brighter Day

SELECTED FEEDBACK: Eliphino – “One Love is one for me. Looking forward to hearing in a club” (4/5) Dubfire – ” cool tracks , thank you!” (5/5) Shadow Child -“nice EP – One Love is great” (4/5) B Traits (Radio 1) – “Great” (4/5) Waifs & Strays -“will give these a go thanks” (4/5) Deetron – “Really cool tunes, lovely basslines!” (4/5) Mista Jam (Radio 1) -“Fresh sounding, evokes mental images of sunsets, cocktails and raving. Bring on Ibiza 2013!” (4/5) Alan Fitzpatrick -“This track is the bomb” (4/5) Joe Roberts (DJ Mag / Timeout) – “Big tings a gwan (I like this a lot).” (5/5)

Let The Machines Do The Work (LTMDTW) are a 4 piece electronic outfit that have a crazed obsession for all things analog. Not the, I’m into analog cause its cool, but a crazed obsession. Simply step into their studio and you’ll be whisked away from the Digital age in a heart beat as a haze of humming transistors and burnishing outboards drape you in a warm welcoming embrace.

One Love / Brighter Day is their debut release on the grass roots inspired Blah Blah Blah Records and it delivers a heavy and welcoming thump to the chest, forget thin digital beats, this is big phat dancefloor house, dynamic, luxurious and seductively wanton.

Opening Track ‘One Love’ doesnt mess about, with lead vocalist Lewis declaring ‘We Got This One Love’ whilst a heavy house beat drives us towards a refreshingly retro main hook, but rather than descend into formulaic house fodder, One Love draws back from the light and delves into more shadowy territory as sparing beats and percussion lay siege on proceedings. Brighter Day, as its title suggests, has a much more optimistic disposition, no darkness here, just thudding kicks, snappy claps, and an infectiously warm bassline that will see it getting heavy beach rotation.

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