Artist – Fortunate War
Title – Because Because

Fortunate War are back with their second single on Blah Blah Blah Records, last time out they wooed us with their acidic arpeggiations, 90’s nods and contemporary dance floor weight and energy. As an artist Fortunate War tip-toe the thin line between dance floor credibility and saccharin commercialism with an acute awareness of how to combine the strengths of both arenas.

Lead track ‘Because Because’ is a peak time monster that literally thumps you square in the chest with its emphatic kick drum and rolling bass. Soaring synths bubble up to lighten the tone, but before you can gorge yourself on their sweetness, they burst and shatter with pulsating force. ‘Fuchsia’ takes a more 90’s progressive house angle, much like the legendary Northern Exposure mix series, its more understated approach should not be mistaken for weakness. All good things come to those who wait; Fuchsia embodies and rewards this sentiment. Closing out the EP is ‘Albany’, an ember flickering, sun setting closer that smothers you in a satisfying patchwork of interlaced textures.

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