Artist – Cropper
Title – Forever

Blah Blah Blah are proudly putting the together the final touches to their 10th release celebrations, and to help bring the party, bubbling up London producer ‘Cropper’ has given BBB the honour of releasing his most treasured possession ‘Forever’. Forever has already gathered a preview courtesy of Pitchfork, thus cementing the support he received from Huxley, Tensnake, James Zabiela, Thefft, and Ben Westbeech among others for his previous record ‘Deeper/Drift’.

Renato Pagnani’s (Pitchfork): “Forever, is a hybrid of disparate-but- complimentary moods. Dark, crawling bass spreads out across the house track like stretched molasses, evoking the kind of late-night dread that comes with finding yourself alone in an unfamiliar neighborhood long after last call, but there’s a warmth to this low-end rumble that prevents “Forever” from holding you at arm’s length as it twists and turns. This bittersweet ache is given yet another dimension thanks to the vocals looped throughout the track, which are simultaneously defiant and vulnerable………”

Selected Feedback: Sam Bailey [Radio 1] ‘Sick (5/5)’ // Maya Jane Coles – ‘Nice Deepness (4/5) // Eton Messy – Love the track (4/5) // Maxxi Soundsystem – ‘Sweet. ps happy 10th’ // Laurent Garnier – Great track, loooove it (4/5)…….

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