Artist – Arka
Title – Severan / The Way

SELECTED FEEDBACKMy Nu Leng – The Way is Big // Tensnake – Great bass stuff, full support (4/5) // Dubfire – Downloaded (5/5) // Addison Groove – “XXX” (5/5) Shadow Child – “The Way is Wicked” (4/5) // Tiga – “Severan” (4/5) // Hannah Wants – pretty dark, feeling it! will try get a play on 1xtra thanks // Randomer – Severan is Great // Dusky – Severan is cool, thanks // Drums of Death – “The Way is Dope” (4/5) Sasha – “Please send wav’s” (4/5) // Sei A – Really liking this (4/5)

This one is particularly special as Arka originates from the same home town as BBB’s label boss; the overcast, former industrial power and tea drinking centre of England, Leicester. Despite its size and history Leicester is not considered one of the most glamorous UK cities, and its this underground, angular quality that informs Arka’s powerful debut ‘Severan’.

Like an abandoned factory floor remembering its former glory, ‘Severan’ reverberates through the decaying walls bringing a forgotten zeal to the once proud heavy machinery and cracked walls. Clanking percussion fused with cavernous beats creates a fierce yet shadowy texture that radiates industrial might. ‘The Way’ picks up where Severan leaves off, only with a slightly more rounded flourish. The edges are still present but they are softened by a bouncing bassline, bright key stabs, evasive pads and an insistent vocal hook.

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