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Zinc – Crack House EP (Out Now)

Zinc recently traded his Drum n Bass riddims for a more Electro / House type sound and this transition has had the likes of Annie Mac et al dropping his tunes all over the place. In particular Watch Dis and Blunt Edge seemed to resonate with dance floors across the nation and to cement this early success Zinc has just released his 10 track Crack House EP. Not only does this EP contain the fore-mentioned bangers but it also contains 8 more huge records including a new version of his classic 138 Trek.

Track List
1. Blunt Edge
2. Pimp My Ride
3. Jekyll N Hyde
4. Number 1 Girls
5. Watch Dis
6. Nu Sound
7. Horrible
8. Because
9. Killa Sound
10. 128 Trek

This is a really strong EP, however two tracks really stood out for us, Because and Jekyll N Hyde. Have a listen below:

8. Because

3. Jekyll N Hyde

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