It looks like Vitalic is emerging from the mists of time with some eagerly anticipated new material, despite the odd remix and re-issued album it has not been since 2005’s release of ‘Ok Cowboy’ that Vitalic has really screeched his way onto our dancefloors.

Your Disco Song is the first release from the upcoming album ‘Flash Mob’, although the details and sounds of this album have been heavily guarded, initial reactions from the Vitalic camp had this to say about some of the tracks on the album. “Terminator Benelux” is a “vicious, deliciously dirty aural assault,” “Poison Lips” is a “soaring disco tune buoyed…by cooing female vocals” and the title track will be his “most epic, dance floor igniting track…yet.”

Sounds good to us, roll on the re-birth of Vitalic and the release of ‘Flash Mob’ (28th September 2009)

Track Listing for Flashmob

01. See the Sea (Red)
02. Poison Lips
03. Flashmob
04. One Above One
05. Still
06. Terminateur Benelux
07. Second Lives
08. Alain Delon
09. See the Sea (Blue)
10. Chicken Lady
11. Your Disco Song
12. Station Mir 2099
13. Chez Septime