>Here’s a new mix from our man Tosh Ohta . Everyone’s talking about this new ‘proto-house’ revival. Here’s someone who actually knows what’s he’s talking about.

Legendary Children Mix – March 2010 by Tosh Ohta

“This mix was completed with x2 Technics 1210s & a Pioneer DJM 600 Mixer”

My friends at Legendary Children kindly asked me to do a guest mix for them. I struggled with shortlisting a 1 hour mix and have ended up with a 30 track mix on 61 minutes of music – all (except for 3) are from between 1987 to 1991 ranging from acid, latin freestyle, industrial, early rave and a bit of Belgium. These are records that I have been crate digging in record shops and scavenging on discogs and ebay for years and borrowed from friends. This is a summary of why I would have loved to have been a teenager in the late 80s.