Sound Pellegrino AKA Teki Latex and Orgasmic of TTC fame was launched earlier this year, and with a string of impressive releases throughout the latter part of the year has probably made Sound Pellegrino the most hyped and exciting label of 2009. The success of this label is un-doubtley down to the keen ear of its two creators who have successfully nutured a very clear sound for the label that is both minimal and groovy whilst at the same time sounding unique. To back up there impressive rosta of artists: Harvard Bass / L-Vis 1990 / Gucci Vump (Allegedly Brodinski) / Nouveau Yorican / Solo and Renaissance Man they have striking imagery to go with each release and have also recorded three bootylicious mixtapes.

Loud Whisper of the Northern Wind

Track List

1- Mosca – square 1 (L-VIS 1990 remix)
2- Will bailey, Hot mouth – underwear funk (quick spitt re-edit)
3- Youri Donatz & Franky Rizardo i like this sound
4- Solo – Minimood (Round Table Knights remix)
5- Simona gee dj – Jungle lady (fuzzy hair rework)
6-DJ Chernobyl – Praga balança (Renaissance Man remix)
7- Round Table Knights vs Bauchamp – Calypso
8- Hoodie feat. Chico – Dirty Maluku style
9- Nouveau Yorican – Boriqua (Sandro Silva remix)
10- Zombie Nation – Seas of grease (Harvard Bass remix)
11- Arcade – Jugo Carioca y Diario Popular (Douster Dumb remix)
12- Boris Dlugosh – Bangkok (Roska remix)
13- Kesha- Tik tok (Untold remix)
14- Gucci vump – Sha, Shtil! (L-VIS 1990 VIP)

Rainforest Frog Symphony

Track List

Brodinski & Mumdance – Eurostarr (Zombie Disco Squad remix)
Delphic – Counterpoint (Renaissance Man remix)
Myd – Train to bamako
Dani L. Mebius – Petrelli (Dani L. His Percussion remix)
Style of Eye – Grounded
Solo – MiniMood
Yolanda Be Cool – Afro Nuts (Douster remix)
Alvaro – Make it funky (DJ Punish remix)
Momma’s Boy – Give it up
L-VIS 1990 – Compass
DJ Master D – Mad drumz
Gucci Vump – Sha, Shtil!
Mom & Dad – The Whole Sh’Bang! (Havard Bass remix)
Hard House Banton – finger in my
La Bande A Basile – La Chenille (Douster Gwada remix)
Débruit – Congo Whoomp

Cocoa Beach House Mixtape

Track List

1. Momma’s Boy – Wedouwedou
2. Kid Kaio & Moradzo – Aranha
3. Afrojack – Do my dance (Sidney Samson remix)
4. Renaissance Man – What is guru
5. Douster: For weirdos only (Momma’s boy remix)
6. Renaissance Man – Spraycan
7. Diplo/Laid back luke – Hey
8. Alvaro feat. Lux – Ultimate rise
9. Zombie Disco Squad – Heavy breathing
10. Solo – Joga Bola
11. Harvard Bass – 81
12 Groovewatchers – Sexy Girl (Chuckie remix)
13. Douster – Freak Mode (Arcade VIP mix)

Watch out for more mixes on the WeAreBlahBlahBlah Mix Series