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Snatch! Records – Riva Starr

We have been long-time admirers of Riva Starr, and having taken over the DJ world through some imperious DJ sets and a great debut LP he has now decided to put his musical passion into his own label Snatch! Records. The label launched early April with Snatch001 – David Keno and Snatch 002 has just landed in the form of Donk Boys of Dirtybird fame. As a DJ and producer the ultimate legacy is your own label and judging by these first two releases Riva Starr is not about to go quietly into the night.

Both EPs offer a strong groove led take on the Dirtybird / Made To Play tech-house stance, whilst not offering anything that will be seen as a definitive moment in musical genre history this is excellent tech-house that will drive many a dancefloor.

You can check all the tracks at Snatch! Records Soundcloud Site, we particuarly like the guitar led groove of “Wait for More” – David Keno.

Out Now on Beatport
Snatch001 – David Keno
Snatch002 – Donk Boys

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