We have been long-time admirers of Riva Starr, and having taken over the DJ world through some imperious DJ sets and a great debut LP he has now decided to put his musical passion into his own label Snatch! Records. The label launched early April with Snatch001 – David Keno and Snatch 002 has just landed in the form of Donk Boys of Dirtybird fame. As a DJ and producer the ultimate legacy is your own label and judging by these first two releases Riva Starr is not about to go quietly into the night.

Riva Starr

Both EPs offer a strong groove led take on the Dirtybird / Made To Play tech-house stance, whilst not offering anything that will be seen as a definitive moment in musical genre history this is excellent tech-house that will drive many a dancefloor.

You can check all the tracks at Snatch! Records Soundcloud Site, we particuarly like the guitar led groove of “Wait for More” – David Keno.

Out Now on Beatport
Snatch001 – David Keno
Snatch002 – Donk Boys

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