>Mothership the sister Label of Claude Von Stroke’s Dirtybird have been pushing the techno / tech house / minimal envelop for sometime now, with the likes of Italoboyz, Catz n Dogz and Claude Von Stroke himself drawing international acclaim from the underground dance scene. Next up is Voodeux who are just releasing their debut album ‘The Paranromal’.

The Paranormal” is a concentrated vision of myth and mysterious beats, exploring the eerie after-life side of techno like no other artists have done to date. It is a 10 track vision of ghosts and goblins hiding in the closet ready to scare the daylights out of you. Using dark funk, ghoulish atmospheres and futuristic production……..not for the faint hearted!!!

Voodeux came into being two years ago on the East Coast of America, a couple of highly technical production wizards joined forces and created their own genre of strange and creepy techno. They are now a big part of a new resurgence in american techno from labels like mothership, Wolf + lamb, Spektral and others.

The album is officially out on vinyl June 2nd and will be on Beatport and CD June 10th, however to help give you a flavour of what to expect check the track clips below and the exclusive Voodeux Mixtape.

Voodeux – The Paranormal Album Release Mixtape

01. The End
02. Just a Spoonful
03. Enter the Voo
04. Heebie Jeebiez
05. Bones
06. The Third Floor
07. Frank the Janitor
08. The Paranormal
09. Skeleton Key
10. Deadend Motel

Release Date: July 14, 2009 on x3 vinyl and CD available from
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