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Minimix Competition – How many artists can you name?

Stand a chance to win a Blah Blah Blah T-Shirt. These were an extremely limited run, you can see a picture of Riva Starr with one below.

We are giving away three t-shirts to the three winners of the following competition. Listen to our new minimix below and email us with a list of the artists whose songs we included in the mix. We don’t want the name of the song or the remixers, just the artist who made the original song. They are some obvious ones in their, a few less well know and their are even some tiny samples to throw you off the scent of victory. The three people with the most correctly listed artists will each win a t-shirt in the size and colour of their choice, well white or black with pink font!!!

Due to postage costs we ask that we only receive entrants from UK. Apologies to all our foreign friends. The competition will run till next week and the winners can either pick up their shirt at our next party or we’ll pop it in the post. Please title emails “Minimix Competition” and add your full name in the email. Our email address is Good luck!

Blah Blah Blah MegaMiniMix [zshare]

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