Following on from the massively received ‘Ex Ex Ex’ single, In Flagranti take a break from the dancefloor with this atmospheric balearic tune featuring, once again, the languid vocals of Natalie Smash. Cheap drum machine sounds and a cardboard box percussive groove are layered with arpeggiated synth drops and a dreamy vocal. In Flagranti’s Sasha Crnobrnja said “We were inspired by early cosmic songs we used to listen to, tracks that were a little more odd, and also less disco.” Remixes come from Moskow, Clap Rules, Baldelli & Dionigi and Deadstock 33. For us the Original and the Moskow mixes stand out from the pack, but all are worth a listen…..

In Flagranti

In Flagranti – Through the Rabbit Hole (Original)

In Flagranti – Through the Rabbit Hole (Moskow Remix)

In Flagranti – Through the Rabbit Hole – Released June 14th

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