This has been sitting in our inbox for a while, apologies for the delay posting. The global phenomena that is Deadmau5 has managed to compile a second LP for 2009 despite a hectic World Wide tour schedule and having already released the huge ‘For Lack of a Better Name’. For the Deadmau5 fans among you ‘Play Volume 2’ is more classic Deadmau5 with tight snappy and thunderous production with a strong techy proggy feel. To help you understand we have a 20 minute mix of the album to give away below, and for once its a minimix that is self contained and worth having, rather than a rapidly thrown together chop of the album.

Deadmau5 – Play Volume 2 (Out Now) – Avaible from Beatport


1. Billy Newton-Davis Vs deadmau5: Outta my Life (Touch mix)
2. Mellefresh Vs deadmau5: Attention Whore
3. deadmau5: Mr G
4. deadmau5: Reduction
5. BSOD: This is Also the Hook
6. deadmau5: Orca
7. deadmau5: Tau V2
8. Mellefresh Vs deadmau5: Sex Slave
9. deadmau5: This Noise
10.Billy Newton-Davis Vs deadmau5: R My Dreams