In anticipation of A-Trak playing at Blah Blah Blah on Easter Thursday 9th April, we have teamed up with Fabric to give away copies of his forthcoming FABRICLIVE Mix CD.

A-Trak is one of the greatest DJs of all time having won the DMC World Championship at the tender age of 15 and this mix CD not only showcases his superb mixing and scratching skills, but also his own productions.

“On FABRICLIVE 45, A-Trak slams down an unrivalled blend of everything hot, fast, fun and creative in clubland today. Try and fathom how a mix with a tracklist that lurches from Boys Noize and Baltimore edits to Aeroplane and Todd Terje remixes to a nine year old scene-altering UK garage anthem actually fits together. It is this that makes FABRICLIVE 45 one of our most distinctive and jaw-dropping mixes yet.” – Fabric

Here are A-Trak’s own words to sum up what the CD is all about:

“I mixed in some old, classic house records with some newer funk-loop house records that reference the old house records, mixed with some kooky weird Baltimore-ish club edits, mixed with some techno stuff, some slow disco and my own productions. If you see it on paper it looks like a whole mish-mash but the way I put together the mix, it somehow comes together and makes sense. I just looked at it really as a DJ mix: the way that I bring the songs in and the way that I try to put my stamp on it, rocking doubles on some of the records and doing scratch routines and adding layers on top of my edits of the songs, that’s what defines its identity. I wanted to let the mix itself do the talking” – A-Trak

Not only that but we will also be giving away free entry and a brand new limited edition Blah Blah Blah t-shirt to the first prize winner.

1st Prize – A-Trak FABRICLIVE 45 CD + Blah Blah Blah T-Shirt + Free Entry to see A-Trak at Digital

Runners up: A-Trak FABRICLIVE 45 CD

To stand a chance to win all you have to do is email “”, with the subject line “A-Trak Competition”, the answer to the following question and your full name:

“What is the name of the uber cool record label A-Trak runs?”