Study Music – Concentrate, Focus, Positive

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Ultimate Guide: Music Playlist

Our Study Music playlist helps concentration, focus and keeps the energy up. Everyone needs a music to work to playlist that balances relaxing work music and instrumental study beats with enough intrigue to keep you interested. Often these playlists can be a little bland and forgettable.

Like you we’re working from home and to be brutally honest it has got increasingly difficult to stay motivated, hence the playlist. We needed something that satisfied our need for music and our need to stay focused and motivated. As a result we decided to blend our love of electronic beats, jazz and house music. Hopefully you’ll agree we have struck a chord (pun intended) with our choices.

Playlist features likes of HNNY, Kornel Kovacs, Bella Boo, Tour Maubourg, Youandewan, Chaos In The CBD, Laurence Guy, TR, Athletic Progression, Mr Fingers and more.

Track Submission – If you’d like to submit a track for potential inclusion please head to Submit Hub and search WeAreBlahBlahBlah in the curators section. Thanks BBB.

Study Music – Concentrate, Focus, Positive

Music to Work to / Study Music Tracklist

01. Hidden Spheres – Waiting
02. Harvey Sutherland – New Paradise
03. HNNY – Nothing
04. TR – Hardcore
05. Kornel Kovacs – Szikra
06. Project Pablo – Closer
07. Mr. Fingers – City Streets
08. Seb Wildblood – Jazz Vol.1
09. Tour-Maubourg – Ode to Love
10. Athletic Progression – White Crayon
11. Leon Vynehall – Midnight on Rainbow Road
12. 2XM – Inept
13. HNNY – So
14. Nightmares On Wax – You Wish
15. Youandewan – 4D Anxiety
16. Leon Vynehall – Movements (Chapter III)
17. Ricky Razu – Cycles
18. Body-San – Wet Bar
19. Lack of Afro – The Basis
20. Chaos In The CBD – Midnight in Peckham
21. HNNY – Kindness
22. Folamour – Just a Lonely Night Eating Sushis
23. Laurence Guy – Kojak
24. Tom Jarmey – Beach Jazz
25. Chaos In The CBD – 78 To Stanley Bay
26. Chris J – Your Love
27. Ben Hauke – Get up to Get Down
28. Buddy Love – Mango Peach
29. Chaos In The CBD – Luxury Motivation
30. Lo-Fi Luke & Simax – Alien Signals
31. Joe Corfield – Wildflower
32. Bella Boo – Álom
33. The BREED – Odd Meter Groove
34. Moods – Observe
35. Pacific Coliseum – Ocean City
36. Uniile – This Must Be Illegal
37. Folamour – Ya Just Need 2 Believe in Yaself
38. Tour-Maubourg – Allégresse

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Study Music Playlist - Concentra, Focus, Positive

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