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Playlist – BBB Selects – New Electronic Music

New Electronic Music – BBB Selects

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Date: Apr 6, 2023

BBB Selects is a new electronic music playlist that has grown from the huge number of playlist requests we now receive via the fantastic – Submit Hub, which we would recommend to any aspiring playlister or artist to check out. Incidentally if you are an artist use the following link Submit Hub – Blah Blah Blah for a 10% discount when you buy some credits.

The playlist is electronic music focused, mostly relatively unknown artists and covers pretty much every electronic genre going. Our aim is to shed light on the lesser known and perhaps in the process accidentally uncover the next breaking act, which would be pretty wild!

Anyway give it a spin and if you enjoy what you hear please do like, follow, subscribe, and share the music. I know every artist will appreciate the support.

Thanks BBB

BBB Selects – YouTube

BBB Selects – Spotify

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