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Playlists, is it really worth my time, money and effort trying to get on them? The short answer to that question is yes and no.

When releasing music today our success is partly governed by, whether we like it or not, by algorithms. All streaming services use them and as artists we need to trigger them – it’s just the way it is, unless of course you’re releasing physical only. Essentially these algorithms crunch a load of data, including playlist adds, to determine whether it should promote our music to a wider audience or not. Therefore reaching out to playlist curators is important. However, a word of caution – artist follows from playlist inclusion are low. Therefore playlist submissions to curators like us should only be a part of a well balanced growth strategy, not the whole strategy!

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How to submit music to BBB Spotify Playlists

1. Head to our Submit Hub profile

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3. Purchase premium credits (5 credits <$1.20)

4. Submit A Song (1 Credit)

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