Genre: House Music

DJ vs Music Producer

Can you make it as a successful DJ without being a Music Producer also? This is a subject that often leads to much debate and no definitive conclusion. So what’s the answer? [Read More]

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Christine and the Queens – Chris LP announced with single ‘Doesn’t Matter’

Ever since ‘Christine and the Queens’ dazzled us at Glastonbury 2016, with her fusion of Pop and French House, we wondered if we had stumbled across a future Pyramid Stage headliner. New single ‘Doesn’t Matter’, taken from ‘Christine and the Queens – Chris’ LP, makes that theory all the more plausible”…[Click link to listen]

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Ross From Friends ‘Family Portrait’ debut album announced

Initially we were on the fence when it came to Rachel’s beloved Ross. We felt his break out single ‘Talk To Me You’ll Understand’ didn’t quite match the work of fellow Lo-fi House Music producer – DJ Seinfeld. However Ross From Friends ‘Family Portrait’ is off to a strong start with lead single ‘Project Cybersyn’. Hit link to Preview + Tracklist…

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