Need a no nonsense hardcore tinged dancefloor assassinator? Then DJ Seinfeld, the man with the seemingly largest hard-drive of unreleased music in clubland, has just the weapon you’re looking for. Rimbaudian – Houz Low EP [Meda Fury].

RIMBAUDIAN - Houz Low [ DJ Seinfeld ]

It’s probably fair to say that since late 2016 and early 2017 DJ Seinfeld has easily become one of the more recognisable underground names. By which we mean that amongst his piers, Ross From Friends, DJ Boring and the like he’s the one with the greater output, recognition and therefore booking potential. On this blog alone we have featured his records: DJ Seinfeld – Season 1 EPRimbaudian – LettersDJ Seinfeld – Airing of Grievances and now his Houz Low EP.

So why is it that DJ Seinfeld’s agent is rubbing his hands together with such considerable glee? Simple really, Seinfeld’s music has a life and energy that harks back to what made dance music so compelling in the first place. And in a period where it seems like everyone is either making cold techno or insipid vocal House, it’s an exuberance that has been welcomed with open arms. Incidentally our pick from the EP is the second track ‘Unknown’.

Rating 3.8/5

Rimbaudian – Houz Low