As our post title suggests the opening track on the EP ‘Shinjuku Lights 01’ is firmly in the Boards of Canada, Mathew Jonson realm of deep, spacey and swirling atmospherics. Sort of tune you could also imagine Joris Voorn weaving into one of his epic track busting mixtapes.

Deep Space - Shinjuku Lights [ Techno ]

To use a classic dance music reviewer’s cliche, Deepspace – Shinjuku Lights 01 is other-wordly. With its deep, progressive, trancey structure elegantly sweeping you into another dimension. A dimension that effortlessly dissolves your surroundings with a sense of introspective discovery. Thats a load of big fluffy words. But we’re essentially trying to say is that this record would sound incredible on a big sound system as a DJ breaks things down before then cranking it all back up again. Joris if you’re listening, this ones for you.

Again thanks to [Phonica Records] for the heads up.

Rating 3.8/5

Deepspace – Shinjuku Lights