When dance music burst onto the UK music scene in the late 80’s early 90’s it was unashamedly party music. Although underground it was big on hooks. Be that hook a vocal, piano or 303 it had one purpose in mind – to make your dance. A fact that T&P – Hail Falls (Hammer Remix), whole heartedly embraces. However unlike the late 80’s, early 90’s we now live in an era where an over indulgence in catchy hooks may result in you thinking – ‘what baked goods could I throw at my audience this evening’… A line of thought that whilst potentially lucrative may ultimately result in you loosing sight of why you started writing and playing music in the first place. Bicep are well known for their hooks, take 2016’s Higher Level remix, 2012’s ‘Vision Of Love’ or 2015’s ‘Just’ as prime examples, and therefore should we be worried that their latest record could be them having their cake and trying to eat it?

T&P - Hails Falls [Hammer Remix]

T&P – Hail Falls (Hammer Remix) is your classic club record, with its 1 minute intro, progressively detailed drum layers, atmospheric breakdowns, soaring pads, and repetitive hooks all present and correct. An arrangement, that in words, sounds generic and uninspiring, and for sure will not win any awards for originality. Yet like a classic cake recipe, has the potential, if followed correctly, to result in a very tasty outcome.

In this instance the outcome is exceedingly good. With an acidic main body and subdued trance like riffs and pads combining with classic 808/909 drums to create a sure fire main floor contender. For some heads it maybe too obvious in tone, however for us it demonstrates why acts like Bicep are so important to club culture. They not only understand the founding purpose of dance music – to dance, but they equally appreciate the need for music to drive that ultimate outcome.

Rating 3.7/5

T&P – Hail Falls (Hammer Remix) Feel My Bicep

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