The Brighton General serves up two carefully crafted mixes for the WeAreBlahBlahBlah series. Both mixes serve to demonstrate why Midfield General is as relevant now as he was back in the mid to late 90’s when he sprung upon the scene with his label Skint, Big Beat, and the then slightly less well known Fatboy Slim. Fusing a combination of Electro, Disco, Wonk, Fidget, House and anything else he can get his hands on, Midfield General has created two sublime mixes which provide a heart pumping snap shot of a genre that cannot be defined without furious debate….

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WeAreBlahBlahBlah EP5 Mix 1 – Midfield General [This Is No Longer Available – Apologies]
WeAreBlahBlahBlah EP5 Mix 2 – Midfield General [This Is No Longer Available – Apologies]

Tracklist – Mix 1

1) TV On The Radio – Golden Age
2) Mr Oizo – Cut Dick
3) Poni Hoax – Hypercommunication (Alter Ego Rx)
4) In Flagranti – Personal Angst
5) Bloc Party – Talons (Midfield General Dub)
6) Plastique De Reve – Resist
7) The Shoes – America (Brodinski Remix)
8) Caucasian Boy – Northern Lights (303-apella)
9) Tiga – Mind Dimension
10) Mr Oizo – Positif (Midfield General Re-Edit)
11) Dizzee Rascal – Flex (Dave Spoon Reflex)
12) Dead Prez – Hip Hop (Diplo Remix)
13) Midfield General – On The Road (Fukkk Off Remix)
14) Midfield General – Coatnoise (Dave Clarke Remix)
15) Martini Brothers – Big & Dirty (Tiga Remix)
16) Ladyhawke – Paris Burning (Alex Gopher Rx)

Track List – Mix 2

1) Busy P – To Protect & Entertain (So Me Remix, Midfield
General Re-Edit)
2) Alter Ego – Jolly Joker
3) Midfield General Disco Sirens Acapella
4) Debra Dolce – Goodies (Zero Cash Mix)
5) Sirisumo – All The Girls (Tomboy Remix)
6) Alter Ego – Fuckingham Palace (Nerk & Dirk Leyers Remix)
7) Sawtooth Sucka – Sit Down
8) Foamo – Everything Cool
9) Atomic Hooligan – Electro Ain’t Electro No More (Rico Tubbs Remix)
10) Grinderman – No Pussy Blues (Midfield General Remix)
11) Delon, Declan – Who (Popof Remix)
12) Sebastian Tellier – Kilometer (Goose Remix)
13) Midfield General – Disco Sirens (D.I.M. Remix)

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