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1000’s of streams

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You’ve spent hours in the studio sacrificing Netflix, fitness, friends and family; you’re pumped as your new tune or song is a total jam; everyone will love it, and you cannot wait to release it. You start to allow yourself to dream big – agent, Boiler Room gig, Phonica stocking your record, quitting the day job. Release day comes and goes; you’re still in the same job, you have <1000 plays, 100’s of hand-stamped vinyl stuffed in your studio, not Phonica, and still just that one gig on a Wednesday night in a nearly empty bar with people asking you if you do birthday shout outs. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the system is rigged against you or that you are not talented enough!

Time to quit?

EXPERIENCE: We have generated millions of plays and 1000’s of new followers for multiple artists on Spotify. See Cropper, TR, and Jon E Cassell.

Get in touch, avoid the release day blues and see your music, audience, career and belief grow.

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Services we offer

FREE Consultation 

60,000 songs are uploaded to streaming services daily, and organic reach is at an all-time low (3% of your audience). Therefore, it is vital to have a Marketing Plan for your music. This needs to consider branding, target audience, your story, content creation, release schedule, Ads and Playlisting. Email BBB to discuss your next release.

Grow Email List (Google / Meta Ads)

Many overlook this area despite it arguably being the most important when it comes to growing your fan base. Why? First, a subscriber is a highly engaged fan that you can reach directly. Second, emails protect you from the whims, hype, and popularity of social media.

Release Music (Meta Ads)

Once you have completed the setup phase and have a Marketing Plan for your music, we’d recommend running Spotify-focused Meta ads to promote your music. Running ads with BBB will grow your fans, avoid the dreaded <1000 streams and trigger the Spotify algorithmic playlists. Get this right, and your music could blow up! The minimum ad spend you’ll need is £300 or USD 400.

Grow YouTube Channel (Google Ads)

Growing a YouTube channel to 1000+ subscribers enables you to earn revenue via ads on your videos: a valuable additional revenue source and another ready-made audience for your music. We are Google YouTube Ad certified and have grown the BBB channel to 1,200 followers.

Grow Playlists (Meta Ads)

As an artist or playlist curator, running ads can significantly boost your playlist followers. We always recommend that artists/labels attempt to grow at least one playlist. A popping playlist can help reduce the reliance on other playlist curators and give your music an extra algorithmic boost on release day and beyond.

What you’ll need

Website / Landing Page

To run an effective marketing/ad campaign, you will need a Website or Landing page to direct customers toward and embed relevant pixel codes.

Distributor or Label

To promote your music, you’ll need a label to distribute it on your behalf, or you’ll need to self-release using a distributor like Distrokid. Both options will ensure your music can reach all the relevant streaming services.

Pixel (Social Ad Platforms)

Depending on your chosen social media platforms, you must create, verify, and install your relevant pixel codes to promote your music.

Social Media Ads

Depending on your chosen platform or platforms, you’ll need to create a business profile for your brand—Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. You’ll need to connect your FB page and Instagram profile for Meta.

Ad Accounts

You’ll need to create a brand-specific ad account for each platform you’d like to advertise with: Google, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.


Don’t worry. If you don’t have the time but have the financial resources, we can take the pain out of the setup phase. Depending on what’s needed, it would be 1-2 days’ work at £250 / day. We will conduct a FREE review of your current setup and quote accordingly.

Next steps…

1. Contact BBB to discuss needs

2. We will review your current infrastructure for FREE

3. Engage BBB

4. Launch Ads


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Estimated cost

Initial Setup (What You’ll Need)

Estimate – £250 / day depending on the complexity of what is required. Does not include web design.

Running Ads 

Our fee is £30 per hour. Typically within an hour we can create, publish and report on a single engagement ad across IG & FB.


Contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We will review your current infrastructure for FREE and quote accordingly.

Email: BBB and book FREE inital consultation