As a manager, promoter or artist we all know the stuggle to sell tickets, break even, get playlisted, grow your audience and avoid the dreaded less than 1000 plays. Yet those around us are killing it, we’ve watched the YouTube tutorials, ran a few ads, made some reels and still minimal results. Time to quit?

Ultimately quitting is the easier option and we’ve definetly considered it a few times, however if you are prepared to learn, seek advice, adapt your stratergy and work hard we believe anything is truly possible. Take BBB for example we went from bedroom DJs to playing in Fabric, getting a record played on Radio 1, supporting Disclosure, Bicep and Caribou to name a few and running a party that 800+ people reguarly attended. This wasnt luck and we didn’t have any special connections, we were just passionate, determined and willing to learn. And it is for this reason that we have launched the BBB Music Marketing Agency.

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