As managers, promoters, or artists, we all know the struggle to sell tickets, break even, get playlisted, grow our audience, build a brand, and avoid the dreaded less than 1000 plays. Yet those around us appear to be killing it. Is it time to quit?

Quitting may seem like the easier option, but if you’re willing to learn, seek advice, adapt your strategy, and work hard, the potential for growth and success is limitless. Just look at BBB-we started as bedroom DJs, played in Fabric, ran a record label, booked the likes of Bicep and Disclosure, and now we run a Digital Music Marketing Agency. Your journey could be just as remarkable.

EXPERIENCE: The BBB Music Marketing Agency has 5+ years of experience running meta campaigns to announce shows and sell tickets, selling close to £250,000 worth of tickets. We are also Google Ad Certified with 2+ years of experience running Google Search and YouTube campaigns.

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