WeAreBlahBlahBlah EP47 – Mixed Jon E Cassell [Blah Blah Blah]

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The 47th entry into the Blah Blah Blah mixtape series is a purely vinyl affair, recorded by BBB’s Jon E Cassell using a pair of Technics SL-1210Mk2’s and a Pioneer DJM 250. Why Vinyl? Well before you jump to any preconceived notions, this is not some hipster inspired nostalgia trip down vinyl memory lane. Jon E Cassell has been buying and mixing vinyl since the year 2000, and consequently it’s still his preferred format when mixing. That said what’s actually important, regardless of format, is the music, and we can confidently report that EP47 is a cracker. Thanks for listening…

WeareBlahBlahBlah EP47 – Tracklist

01. Albrecht La’Brooy – Encounter [Analogue Attic]
02. Gettraum – Lost In a Capsule [Gettraum]
03. YYY –YYY398A [YYY]
04. Unknown Artist – Voodoo Way [Banoffee Pie Records]
05. Call Super – Nervous Sex Traffic [Dekmantel]
06. Bwana – Generation Nostalgia [Cin Cin]
07. Trikk – Photo Rhyt [Black Version]
08. Raw M.T – Richard’s Revenge [Lobster Theremin]
09. TRP – Pano [Lobster Theremin]
10. Damiano von Erckert & Funkycan – Symphonie of a Brother [Ava]

WeAreBlahBlahBlah EP47 – Mixed Jon E Cassell

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WeAreBlahBlahBlah EP47 - Mixed Jon E Cassell