Hot City are one of the most talked about producers and DJs on the dance scene right now. Hot City combine the urban shuffle and bump of New York House, 2step and old skool rave into good time party music that is both forward thinking and backward facing, resulting in a fresh sound that is melding together the best bits from an obviously vast record collection. Top stuff.

WeAreBBB EP28 - Hot City

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If you are new to Hot City check out Dan Black – Symphonies (Hot City Remix), If thats How I Feel and their most recent release Another Girl to get you started, and make sure you download our exclusive Hot City mixtape and their Another Level – Freakin bootleg.

DJ Haus n’ Benz – Freakin (Bootleg)

Download – WeAreBlahBlahBlah EP28 – Mixed Hot City Click Here


01. Jimmy Edgar – ‘Sleight of Mouth’
02. Unit Moebius – ‘Beat That Perculator’
03. Vital Essence – ‘Admit 2 Love (Dem 2 Remix)’
04. Doc Daneeka – ‘Deadly Rhythm’
05. Dikulous – ‘Bass It Up’
06. Gongon – ‘I Could Be There’
07. Julio Basmore – ‘Banda 2’
08. Jackmaster Funk – ‘White Label’
09. Ratsnake – ‘Gesloten Cirkel’
10. Jackmaster Hater – ‘White Label’
11. Deadboy – ‘Long Way To Go’

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