Hot Creations owners Jamie Jones and Lee Foss return with their 2nd Hot Jams release. The Hot Jams series focuses on discovering and presenting new underground music talent to the wider world. Hot Jams 2 features four up and coming producers – Lee Walker, Peter Dorling, Neil Parkes and Greeko. But of the four it was Neil Parkes ‘Peil Narkes’ that made us slam down the Radiotimes, crank up the volume, and politely request an exclusive WeAreBlahBlahBlah mixtape…

Mixtape: WeAreBBB EP46 - Neil Parkes [ Hot Creations ]

According to reliable sources Neil Parkes has been quietly bubbling under for a few years now, releasing house music via a variety of well regarded labels, such as Hot Creations, Leftroom and Madtech. His latest effort ‘Peil Narkes’ continues to build on this emerging discography with what some would call Deep House. But as we discussed in an article earlier this month – ‘What Is Deep House‘ we would say Neil Parkes music is more closely related to minimal tech-house than it is Deep House. That said lets not waste our time getting all hung up on genre classification and instead focus on the music.

Peil Narkes, as you would expect from a Hot Creations release, is aimed squarely at the dance floor with uncomplicated kicks, driving hi-hats and grooving bassline ensuring that even a drunk uncle at a wedding could dance to it. However unlike much of the House Music dross that gets thrown at us like a soggy clump of wet toilet roll, this one actually stuck. Agreed, its not Beethoven’s 5th symphony, but name me a dance music record that is! So what was it, if you remember from earlier, that made us emphatically put down the Radiotimes?

Like any successful modern day building House Music has a well established set of foundational blueprints that need not be questioned – 4×4 beat, driving hi-hats etc. However once these foundations have been set in place, then comes the crucial decision of what comes next? Generic rectangular concrete office block, or something else? In this case, something else, with Neil Parkes convincingly overlaying those most sacred of foundations with an ominously beguiling array of synth stabs, snare rolls and pulsing pads.

Peil Narkes is out now via Hot Creations ‘Hot Jams’ series [buy here]. And if like us Neil Parkes particular contribution catches your ear, then we strongly recommend checking his exclusive high-energy, hardcore tinged, WeAreBlahBlahBlah Mixtape below.

Neil Parkes – Peil Narkes [ Hot Creations – Hot Jams ] Out Now

WeAreBlahBlahBlah EP46 ‘Hot Jams’ – Mixed Neil Parkes