Our favorite italian duo are back with a new mix for We Make It Good. Give it up for Crookers!

“We made this mix in the only 2 days off in the last 2 month of crazy world touring…mixin in Old Italian stuff with Rusko Dubstep and some fresh beat from our inbox…it seem like have pizza with spaghetti with Chocolate and Caramelle inside..strange…but sounds good! Important : there’s jus one song of us!!!!! it’s a MIRACLE. Ciao a tutti, baci in bocca, salutateci la famiglia e static bene!

[Mix No Longer Available]

1. Marino Marini “Era scritto nel cielo”
An old 45″ from my mother collection…
2. DATA “Rapture part2″
Bot gave me this in Amsterdam airport…love the beat!
3. Rusko “Boo Woost” / Caspa “Where’s BEST SH*T RIGHT NOW!
4. Equipe84 “Io ho in mente te”
I saw them LIVE in Omegna with my papà when i was 5…this song is a strange “fullytambourine” version.
5. Bombaman “Exia” (Setsuna mix)
Next NicSarno’s ESP RECORD release…MEEEEEEERDA…
6. Isa GT Feat. Crookers “Pelao”
This is our new mix of Isa GT “Pelao” out soon on Man Rec (BIG UP DANIEL!)
7. DropTheLime “Hear me” (BSS Mix)
We want Luca do some vocal for us!…and Buraka Co-Produce a song with us…respect!
8. Hugo Moya “Move”
Great beat!
9. Dj Mujava “Township Funk” (Radioclit mix)
One of the best song this year.
10. Sound of Stereo (Nic Sarno re-trix)
Nic is THE REAL freakyaudioeditor…this tune sick !
11. Dj Cleo “Rutheless”
I had this in our inbox…don’t know nothin about it but it’s good.
12. Mr.Oizo “Cut20DIck”
13. Lucio Battisti “Il Veliero”
Incredible mood…

Watch out for more mixes on the WeAreBlahBlahBlah series