Jac The Disco Mixtape – 2020 Round Up Pt.4 [Disco, House, Spacey]

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Top Tracks 2020 Mixtape – Jac The Disco


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Our final top tracks of 2020 round up comes via an exclusive ‘Jac The Disco’ mixtape and playlist.

Jac The Disco has been rocking the capital for years with his grooved blend of electronic dance music, with names such as Mano Le Tough, Ewan Pearson, Amé and B-Traits supporting his beats. As a result this mix represents a DJ and producer who knows his records, digs deep and doesn’t disappoint. Yes there is a disco influence, but not in a gaudy way, it is well balanced by driving beats and a nod to the spiritual side of balearic house. 

If you’re dreaming of partying on the White Isle or in the Croatian wilds this summer then this mix will keep that dream simmering nicely.

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Top Tracks 2020 Spotify Playlist – Jac The Disco

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