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Blacksmif – BOILER ROOM (40 minute mix)

Blacksmif’s limited vinyl release ‘How The Fly Saved The River’ a record of simmering beauty and dance floor elegance has had some serious hype with the likes of Resident Advisor giving it 4/5, and Ben Pearce, Deetron, Audiojack and Breach among others promising heavy rotation, AND now the unstoppable force that is the BOILER ROOM have come knocking….

Blacksmif – How The Fly Saved The River + Lorca Remix, ltd vinyl + free MP3 available via the
(BBB Record Shop)

Selected Feedback

Audiojack – ” Loving the Lorca remix! Can we get a wav please?” (5/5)
Ben Pearce – “Amazing Sounds” (5/5)
Mary Anne Hobbs – “thank you” (4/5)
Deetron – “Really into what Lorca are doing at the moment, great remix.” (5/5)
Trevino aka Marcus Intalex – ” gonna play the lorca mix sounds nice to me “. (4/5)
Breach aka Ben Westbeech – ” Love this, gonna play this in Trouw tomorrow. Amazing!” (4/5)
J. Phlip (Dirtybird) – “This Lorca Remix is dope” (5/5)
Joe Muggs (Mixmag/ Wire/ FACT) – ” Top class as ever from the lad Yemi ” (4/5)

OUT Jan 28th – Ltd Vinyl, includes free MP3 Versions via the BBB Surus Store
Also available Digitally and on Vinyl from all other online retailers: iTunes // Beatport // Boomkat // Juno

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