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Summer Music: Job Jobse – Boiler Room 2020 Mix

Job Jobse - Boiler Room 2020

Summer Music: Job Jobse – Boiler Room 2020 Mix

May 25th

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Job Jobse – Boiler Room 2020

Job Jobse has put together one of the best Boiler Room ‘Streaming From Isolation’ mixes so far. Slick mixing, summery, grooving, and full of fresh & classic records. The ideal mix for a BBQ, a few casual beers or a trip to the beach. 

Just the other day we were discussing the conundrum DJ vs Music Producer – can you be one without the other? Well at present Job Jobse is one of a few DJs who is emphatically proving that slick DJ skills can be sufficient. However it needs to be noted he is not just throwing a few records haphazardly together like a Boris Johnson exit plan…

His mixes are well thought out, planned and considerate of the situation in which he finds himself. Be it a mid-afternoon isolation mix or a peak-time festival headline slot. This takes hours of crate digging and learning your records.

Job Jobse may not have his own music, but don’t let that deter you from seeking him out. Top selector even better DJ.


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