Need a fresh mixtape for the weekend? Well search no longer as Australian duo ‘Sleep D’ have stepped in with their exclusive mix for the Tokyo based record store ‘Technique‘. Assuming you like your mixes to progressively build in intensity with long seamlessly blended records, that all seem to be cut from the same lacquer, then this is the mix for you. On the other hand if you’re the sort of person who likes a mix to smack-em in the face like a Mike Tyson left hook, then this is probably not for you.


Sleep D are in no hurry here as the shimmering piano led opener meanders its full seven minute course with the determined yet gentle purpose of a slow moving stream. Its 4 minutes before the first kick comes into view, and like a small stone tossed into flowing water it does little to disrupt its course. Yet despite this placid start, you’ll know, if you paid attention in your Geography class at school, that a stream will eventually combine with other streams to create a larger more powerful body of water – a river, and like a river Sleep D’s mix grows in intensity and significance as it flows with ceaseless determination towards its inevitable conclusion.

Its the sort of mix that would sound incredible when embarking on a late night road trip as its meandering flow draws you in and shuts the world out. That said across its 76 minutes there were key moments during its progression that a little extra melody or sparkling synth work would have been welcome, and although not glaring omissions, their inclusion may have raised this mix from very good to essential. None the less its a hugely enjoyable listen and one that suggests Sleep D are on the move.

Sleep D – Technique Mix Series 056