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A couple of weeks ago our description for the party bouncing Mixcloud SELECTS Vol. IV – Jackmaster mix was arguably more metaphorically nonsensical than – ‘baby you’re a firework’ [Katy Perry – Firework]. That said it was a proper banging party mix, that if you still haven’t spun, we strongly recommend you do. However we’re not here to talk Jackmaster, this week is all about Mixcloud SELECTS Vol VI – Black Coffee. A mix that honestly had us hooked from the opening number, which if anyone has an ID for, please get in touch.

Hailing from Johannesburg South Africa Black Coffee is a name that is increasingly becoming just that, a name. As an artist he’s not someone we have particularly taken much note of in the past. Not because we considered his music inferior, he just wasn’t someone particularly on our radar. But like a great movie recommendation we are grateful to finally make his acquaintance. Now to pass the tip on…

Black Coffee’s mix is very much in the club, accessible with out being generic, and most assured in its sequencing. Predominately House based this mix should have you wanting to hit the town, catch him live and of course thank Magnetic Mag, Mixcloud and ourselves for sharing it with you…

Mixcloud SELECTS Vol VI – Black Coffee 

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Mixcloud SELECTS Vol VI - Black Coffee [ Mixtape ]