Mixcloud SELECTS Vol IV – Jackmaster Mixtape

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Once upon a time in a decade not that long ago, DJs were DJs and producers were producers. Producers made the records for DJs to spin and DJs spun those records with great dexterity and flare. All was well with the world… Until one day the wicked witch of the western world hatched an evil plan, a plan that caught everyone napping. And with one bite of the forbidden Apple, DJs became Producers and Producers became DJs. At first, like any great evil, no one noticed the change or even questioned it. But as the years rolled on cracks began to appear, and balance lost…

Thankfully, like any good tale, there was a hero among us. A man ready to stand up to and slay this most odious of beasts. [Which for anyone who still reading this and thinking ‘what the heck are BBB going on about’ – we will call ‘Moving Picture Experts Group Layer-3 Audio’ or ‘MP3’ for short.] Anyway back to our story. Hailing from the North our hero refused to be turned to the darkside and with one mighty swing of his…….. Sorry, that’s enough this story is getting ridiculous. Basically Jackmaster doesn’t write music, he’s a bonafide DJ who knows how to mix and sequence records, demonstrating that DJs can still just be that – DJs.

And with that in mind, BBB and Mixcloud elected to choose Jackmasters Mixmag: In Session mix as our fourth entry into our Mixcloud SELECT Series.

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Mixcloud SELECTS Vol IV – Jackmaster [Mixmag]

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Mixcloud Selects Vol 4 - Jackmaster [ Mixtape ]