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Sick of mistletoe, wine and wishing it was Christmas every day? How did you know – we hear you cry! Don’t worry our third Mixcloud SELECTS is a resounding yippee ki-yay to all that schmaltzy nonsense with DJ LEGEND Danny Rampling tearing it up like it was Christmas morning…

Last weeks Mixcloud Selects was all about the Grime, Bass and rapid chops, click here to listen:[Mixcloud SELECTS Vol II – Dynamite MC]. But not so much about the traditional mixing skills. Where as Danny Rampling takes a more traditional approach, as he methodically builds the tension with a well thought out and choreographed sequence of House, Tech-House and Techno. A distinction that reflects the diversity of dance music and DJing in 2016.

Neither style is right or wrong, and in fact there are DJ tips to be taken from both. For instance the Dynamite MC mix demonstrates the power of strong tune selection. Whilst Danny Rampling’s mix illustrates how mixing can elevate music to even greater heights.

So take note aspiring DJs, both disciplines are equally important, and therefore if one is missing from your set, chances are it could end up being dynamically lumpy or just plain boring.

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Mixcloud SELECTS Vol III – Danny Rampling [ Mixtape ]

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Danny Rampling Mixtape - Mixcloud SELECTS Vol. III