Mall Grab – FACT Mixtape + GhettoHouseDrumMachine

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Mall Grab – Ghettohousedrummachine [Steel City Dance Discs]

Mall Grab – FACT Mixtape + GhettoHouseDrumMachine. Like DJ Seinfeld, Mall Grab is another DJ/Producer with an innate ability to write and play breathlessly enthusiastic House Music. House Music that will have you dancing without fear of being pretentious or generic. FACT Mag has managed to capture this sound in all its funk and soul led glory with their Mall Grab – FACT Mixtape. In addition to this Mall Grabs label ‘Steel City Dance Discs‘ has just released its 4th record: GhettoHouseDrumMachine.

As we suggested earlier Mall Grab is an artist who appears to operate with a freedom and exuberance that’s almost impossible to ignore, unless you happen to be dead inside! Although as fun as the party is, his DJ skills can be a little ramshackle on occasion, with some selections feeling as forced as an unwanted arranged marriage. That said every track in the mix is a winner, making his FACT Mixtape required listening. Assuming you like House Music of course.

In addition to Mall Grab’s FACT mix, we also have a preview of his fourth ‘Steel City Dance Discs‘ EP – GhettoHouseDrumMachines. As with previous releases it takes a central vocal sample, grooves it up, in this case with a French House type bassline, and then loops it into blissful oblivion. Nothing particularly ground breaking, but delightfully infectious none the less.

Overall Jordan Alexander, aka Mall Grab, is once again demonstrating his playful side. A playful side that FACT Mag suggests has become as divisive as his skating based moniker. A fact that if true, should not be frowned upon in our opinion. After all dance music in its truest original form was never about playing by the rules and conforming…Party On!

Rating – Mixtape 4.1 for tracklist 3.5 for mixing

Rating – GhettoHouseDrumMachine 3.6

Mall Grab – FACT Mixtape

Mall Grab – GhettoHouseDrumMachine [Steel City Dance Discs]

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Mall Grab - FACT Mixtape 'House Music'

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