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Lorca – Dummy Mix 114

Lorca first tentatively dipped his toes into electronic music in 2007 as those around him starting making a bit of a splash with their own dubstep records. Since then Lorca has been quietly crafting his art culminating in debut releases on ‘Left Blank’ and ‘Live Ones’ in August 2011. Combined these two releases endeared him to the growing swell for Bass music, resulting in the Global online magazine Dummy signing him up for his critically well recieved 3rd release ‘Cant See Higher’, which came out earlier this month. As an artist Lorca combines equal measures of melody, bass and individuality to create a sound that is both deep and complex whilst keeping an eye on the expectant dance floor. The following mixtape further endorses his growing reputation as both DJ & Producer (Highly Recommended).

Lorca – Dummy Mix 114 (Play / Download)

01. Soundstream – Live Goes On
02. Peven Everett – Stuck (Original Mix)
03. Jack Dixon – You Old
04. DJ Assassin – Beats For Your Feet
05. Oohhh Baby (Todd Edwards remix)
06. Gerry Read & Kevin Mcphee – Demolition Man
07. Lorca – Can’t See Higher
08. Tony Lionni – Take Me Higher
09. Ramadanman – Grab Somebody
10. Nuyorcian Soul – It’s Alright I Feel It (Maw Alternative 12 Inch Mix)
11. Void 23 (Carg Craig Edit)
12. Duffstep – Out Of My Mind

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