Two heads are better one than one, so the saying goes. It’s no surprise then that the four comprising Visionquest have achieved a staggering amount since formation two years ago. Made up of Lee Curtiss, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves and Seth Troxler, Visionquest is the closest underground dance music has to a supergroup. Each successful in their own right, the Detroit exports came together under the Visionquest moniker back in 2010 as producers, before evolving into a charismatic DJ group. Finally they put their name to a label earlier this year, and subsequently have a roster of some extremely well received artists such as Tale of Us and Benoit & Sergio, the latter being responsible for one of the biggest tracks of the year, “Walk & Talk”.

(Promo Video) Mix Released – Dec 5th 2011

Fabric 61, their first commercially available mix, gives insight into how this highly regarded foursome have ended up at the forefront of the scene. Opening track “Wasteland” by Tin Man invites you to relax and prepare yourself for the next seventy minutes. What follows is a solid offering of dark, stripped down, hypnotic house music intertwined with proposals of classic tracks, nods to heroes and eclectic atmospheres which leave the whole mix just as suited to your headphones as it is to the dancefloor. The first part moves at a characteristic pace. Bass lines float lazily over a backdrop of deep, sparse beats. Cassius’ classic “The Sound of Violence” sits nicely just short of twenty minutes in, briefly brightening the mood before delving to a deeper, pacier plane.

The mixing style, whilst by no means revolutionary, is refreshing to hear from a group comprised of so many. Transitions are restrained, evolving affairs. Each is littered with subtle nuances and acute intricacies that indicate true masters at work. Stand out tracks “I’m Free” and “Passion”, remixed by goliaths Carl Craig and DJ. T respectively, usher in a flirtation with lush pads and that timeless stabby 80’s bass sound. Mr. White’s vocals eerily drifting over “Passion” could well become a feature of clubland for the next year, the track is that good.

Towards the end we spiral away from the dancefloor and into more peculiar surroundings. The sleazy , laid back flow of Dani Siciliano over Aquarius Heaven “Can’t Buy Love” envelopes the listener, coursing them off the beaten track. The following two selections, both from Visionquest’s label, show how acclimatised their ears are to a good record. “Tale/Foot Break” is an awesome and exhilarating foray into electronica, whilst the penultimate track, “Heaven Felt Like Night” from young Montreal duo Footprintz, is laden with pop sensibilities.

This is a deeply satisfying contribution to the Fabric series. Visionquest succeed in living up to the hype, in this case proving four heads to be better than two.

You can catch 1/4 of Visionquest ‘Shaun Reeves’ at Fabric on Saturday 3rd December, either in the comfort of your own home via the LIVE STREAM or on the hallowed Room 1 Dancefloor.

01 Tin Man – Wasteland [Global A]
02 STL – Portside Waves [Perlon]
03 Soul Center* – Hal 2010 [Shitkatapult]
04 Seuil – In The Moon [Supplement Facts]
05 Konrad Black – Doodimbouttogay [Visionquest]
06 Cassius – The Sound Of Violence (Franco Cinelli Remix)
07 Terje Bakke – Ekaterinburg [Be Chosen]
08 Kollektiv Turmstrasse & Florian Schirmacher – Uneins (Aril Brikha Remix)
09 Catz ‘n Dogz feat. Paul Randolph – I’m Free (Carl Craig Remix)
10 Phreek Plus One feat. Mr. White – Passion (DJ T. Remix) [Compost]
11 Loosefingers – Winterflower [Alleviated]
12 My Favorite Robot – Forest Fires [Visionquest]
13 DVS1 – Polyphonic Love [Transmat]
14 Green Velvet – Abduction [Relief]
15 Aquarius Heaven feat. Dani Siciliano – Can’t Buy Love [Wolf + Lamb]
16 Tale Of Us & Footprintz – Tale/Foot Break [Visionquest]
17 Footprintz – Heaven Felt Like Night [Visionquest]
18 Wildcookie – Song With No Ending [Tru Thoughts]

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Written by Tom Frisco (BBB)