Upcoming Blah Blah Blah guest In Flagranti have put together an exclusive mix for the WeAreBlahBlahBlah series which can only be described as an irreverent balance of disco, sex, dirt, distortion and tounge-in-cheek humor, all wrapped up in a gritty 70’s aesthetic…..well thats how the album has been described and this mix certainly lives up to that explanation.

In Flagranti have just released there second album Brash & Vulgar from which we charted the title track last month ‘Brash & Vulgar’, a track that has even had a royal Erol (Disco 3000) reshuffle.

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[Mix No Longer Available]


1. UFO – Nina Hagen (In Flagranti edit)
2. How you Gona do it
3. Fausto (In Flagranti edit)
4. King Kong 5 – Le Negresse Wert (In Flagranti edit)
5. Vogge – Rollerboogie (In Flagranti edit)
6. Gimbal Lock – Mihai Popoviciu
7. Let there be Drums (In Flagranti edit)
8. Crussades – Stump (In Flagranti edit)
9. Torch Song (In Flagranti edit)
10. Ferry Corsten feat Guru – Junk
11. SOS – The Yes and Now/Son of Sound
12. Mock & Toof (In Flagranti Psycho mix)
13. Maximum Track (In Flagranti test)
14. First time around (In Flagranti edit)
15. Holy Ghost (In Flagranti edit)
16. We Move – Visage (In Flagranti edit)
17. Eisbaer (In Flagranti edit)
18. Prince – Sexy (In Flagranti edit)
19. Wanna Boogie – Disco Heat (In Flagranti edit)
20. John Ozila – Funky Boogie edit
21. Let Man Be – Belle Epoche (In Flagranti edit)
22. NU (In Flagranti edit)
23. Bonus Disco Break (In Flagranti edit)

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