Should a mix be perfectly mixed. In most cases our answer would be most likely be yes, as without good mixing it is just simply a collection of tracks or an unmixed compilation. Which is fine if your mix is not prefaced by the words ‘Essential Mix’, however these immortal words do suggest something that is greater than its parts. As you may have already guessed Rustie’s Essential Mix is not your typical surgically precise mix of perfectly selected house beats that seamlessly flow from one 16 bar phrase to the next, but would we expect anything less from the man who brought us the skitishly delightful LP ‘Glass Swords‘. Quite clearly Russell Whyte aka Rustie is producer first, DJ second, which means we have a roughly hewn mix of beats that unashamedly fade from one cut to the next. However despite the lack of overlapping beats Rustie’s mix is still ‘Essential’, weaving a mesmerizing and engaging journey through a glammed up arcade powered vision of the future.


Click link to Download – (Essential Mix – Rustie 2012)

For the full tracklisting head over to: BBC Essential Mix