Maya Jane Coles biggest DJ on the planet? Hard to say for sure, but whatever your opinion she is most definitely Top 10, a fact that the last  two end of year RA Polls certainly back, with her securing a 9th position in 2011 and a 10th in 2012. Maya has built an infallible reputation as both DJ and producer, crafting sets and music that effortlessly compliment each other. There has always been a contemplative vocal quality to her work, however this has never over stayed its welcome as Maya’s acute awareness of the dancefloor ensures there is always a pounding beat and infectious hook not far behind. Its this blend of introspection and a need to break free that seems to power Maya Jane Coles work, and together they enable the listener to fully immerse themselves in the music and trust its roaming yet purposeful course.


Big thanks to Pete Tong and Radio 1 for this Mix.


01. The Poet – Rain On April (Yves Le Groove Mix) [OT RECORDS]
02. Joe Stawarz – Suite B [SOMA QUALITY RECORDINGS]
03. [a]pendics.shuffle – Heavy Burdens High feat. Blakkat (Safeword Remix) [ADJUNCT AUDIO]
04. Deep Guys – Roomba (Oceanic Mix) [OT RECORDS]
05. Francesco Rossi – Paper Aeroplane feat. JS & A [D:VISION]
06. Linus Quick – There Shall Be Light (Mike Maass Remix) [WAYWARD MUSIC]
07. [unknown] – Unknown
08. Anonym – I Can’t [VAKANT]
09. Jordan Lieb – Dreams From The Ghetto [SUPERFREQ]
10. P. Wiltshire – Closer [HYPERCOLOUR]
11. Nick Galemore – Pt. 1 [KINDISCH]
12. Maya Jane Coles – Everything feat. Karin Park [I/AM/ME]
13. Rodriguez Jr. – Satellite [MOBILEE]
14. Nana K. – Old’s Cool [RECOVERY TECH]
15. Weltenwandler – Departure [ELECTROPHIL RECORDS]
16. Mad_Us – Hypnoze (Luca Bear Remix) [ARMONIA]
17. Riva Starr & Rssll – Absence (Adam Port Remix) [SNATCH! RECORDS]
18. Marbert Rocel – Small Hours (Daniel Stefanik Remix) [COMPOST]
19. Juliano Silva – 1000 Miles [EON5]
20. LPZ – Council Fonk
21. Deetron – Out Of My Head feat. Ovasoul7 (KiNK Vocal Mix) [MUSIC MAN RECORDS]
22. Alex Piccini & Marka T – Suite Yourself [AMAZING RECORDS]
23. Gianni Amoroso – No Matter How Far [MORNING MOOD RECORDS]
24. Sivesgaard – In The Night (Blond:ish Remix) [EKLEKTISCH]
25. Frederick Alonso – 96 (Tech Mix) [STAB RECORDINGS]
26. Paul Mad – Undes (Alex Piccini remix) [DEEP BEEP RECORDS]
27. Ella Fitzgerald – Blue Skies (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
28. Knox – Fault [LAST NIGHT ON EARTH]