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Erol Alkan – RA Podcast 171

Erol Alkan shouldnt really need any introduction, however for the un-initiated among us he is the man behind the legendary club night Trash (London) which grew from humble beginnings to become the hotbed for the emerging indie electro scene. Erols musical diversity and pioneering taste has resulted in him transcending his Trash night and becoming a global phenomenon in his own right. However Erol is not one for resting on his laurels, and for those of us who have witnessed Erol in action over the last few years will have noticed that his once unique cutup style has gradually evolved as he continually pushes the boundaries of what’s expected, and it’s with this in mind that this mix prooves an interesting snapshot of were he is heading…..


Thanks must go to the outstanding website and forum Resident Advisor for providing this mix.

Erol Alkan – RA Podcast 171 (Zshare)
Erol Alkan – RA Podcast 171 (Resident Advisor)

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