One of the most enduring forces within dance music culture has been the mixtape, since its introduction in the 80’s via the humble compact cassette it has played a key role in the dissemination of music. Originally the mixtape was a key tool for an aspiring DJ to show off his mixing prowess and pitch himself to club promoters, however with the proliferation of DJ culture in recent times the role of the mixtape has changed quite considerably. It is no longer the sole domain of the aspiring DJ but more of a marketing tool for events, record labels, blogs, clubs and established DJs. Further to this a vast majority of these mixes are software composed sets, which lack the due diligence of a well prepared vinyl only or live mix. This is not to say the mixtape shouldn’t be utlised as a marketing tool or that programmes like Ableton shouldn’t be used, but rather a call for a higher level of quality control from those recording and distributing them.

Hard Summer Claude Vonstroke Mixtape

Claude VonStroke latest mix fits into the marketing tool category, however both promoter and artist deliver a mix of considerable aplomb. CVS doesnt record many mixes but when he does its usually worth the wait. His Hard Summer mix demonstrates a DJ who clearly understands the value of carefully selecting and sequencing your tracks with an overall plan in mind, thus giving the mix energy and impact. Highly recommended.

Stream the mix below or click the following link to download – Claude VonStroke – Hard Summer Mixtape