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Call Super – Fabric 92 – Soundcloud

Fabric is well and truly back, and although the music did momentarily have to stop, the fat lady never actually got to sing. As a result Nina Kraviz closed out 2016 with her fabric 91 mix and rising talent, Call Super, who we featured last week with his Telephones remix, has been drafted in to deliver the series 2017 opener: Call Super – fabric 92.

Not heard of Call Super? Then check here his Dekmantel record – Nervous Sex Traffic. A release that came 5th in our Best Tracks of 2016.

As yet an official preview of the upcoming fabric 92 mixtape is to be provided. However with a little due diligence, i.e copying and pasting each track from the tracklist into YouTube, we were able to gather a strong sense of what to expect. As you’d expect the mix is deep, well considered, proggy and patient. Opening with a jazz infused Nicolas Jaar type rambler, you immediately know your in for the long haul. The question is whether the journey justifies the destination?

By track 5, Dresvn – Untitled, Call Super begins to pick up the pace, not exactly a Usain Bolt like sprint towards the finish line, but definitely a greater sense of urgency. Objekt – The Stitch Up, confirms this change in pace, and the mix maintains this considered momentum, before again pressing the pause button with Carl Craig’s thought provoking – A Wonderful Life. And then as if sensing a need to get a move on Call Super drops the second of two self penned records, Call Super – Acephale II, to propel us toward the third quarter of the mix.

Like the first half the pace remains considered yet purposeful, but never breathless with Acephale II remaining the pinnacle in the mixtapes energy levels. However by the time we reach the final quarter that considered forward momentum is all but gone as Call Super appears to have completely taken his foot of the gas, leaving the mix to gently coast towards the finish line. Which may or may not be entirely satisfying, depending on what you’re a looking for in a mixtape!

Overall, based on the tracks included, Call Super – fabric 92 has the potential to be highly engaging and enjoyable. However, and bear in mind we are yet to hear the mix itself, there is a suggestion it could loose its way towards the end. Hopefully this will not be the case, as Call Super has most certainly dressed to impress in the last couple of years, and it be a pity to falter here…

Call Super – fabric 92 – Tracklist

1. Beatrice Dillon and Rupert Clervaux – The Same River Twice
2. M:I:5 – Maßtab 1:5/11 [Profan]
3. Jan Jelinek – Tendency [Faitiche]
4. Dresvn – Untitled B1 [Acido]
5. Objekt – The Stitch-Up [White label]
6. Two Full Minds – No Smoke [Plank]
7. Photek – T’Raenon [Art]
8. Don’t DJ – Pornoire [Berceuse Heroique]
9. Flanger – Spinner [Nonplace]
10. Carl Craig – A Wonderful Life (Epic Mix)
11. Call Super – Acephale I [Houndstooth]
12. Call Super – Acephale II [Houndstooth]
13. Marco Bernardi – Demonia [Frustrated Funk]
14. Jega – ZX82 [Skam]
15. Shanti Celeste – Strung Up [Future Times]
16. Bitstream – Incubator [Signal]
17. Bruce – Sweat [Hemlock]
18. Convextion – Niche [Matrix]
19. Karen Gwyer – Hippie Fracca [Opal Tapes]
20. Thomas Ankersmit & Valerio Tricoli – Plague #7 [Pan]
21. Walter Brown – Keep On Walkin’ [L&R]
22. Yves Tumor – The Feeling When You Walk Away [Pan]
23. Max Loderbauer – Giant Hug [Non Standard Productions]
24. Speng Bond – Cutbacks [Reality Shock]

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Call Super - Fabric 92 [ Mixtape ]